Friday, February 08, 2008
a new day
Thanks for all the feedback yesterday, sometimes I just find it is good to know it isn't just me that feels this way!

So my plans are,
  • tidy the studio today
  • go to Ikea with Lis (on opening day no less, are you jealous??) and get some more storage boxes, I saw some ones for magazines!
  • keep taking my 365 photos, I'm loving this I can't wait to print them out, I've decided to go with the 6x4 pocket 12x12 WeR Memory keepers page protectors so they fit into my albums
It rained here yesterday, 54mm in a day, fantastic for Perth in summer, anyway we needed to go to the uniform shop and then wait for Alec so we jumped back in the car and Riley sat in the front, just the look on his face and how special he felt was great, he liked putting his ear on the speakers.

Here are the rest of my 365 days

first job of the day though once the kids are off to school is a blood test and then home to clean the kitchen, both Michael and I felt under the weather last night so I left it, I hate waking up to a messy kitchen.
Blogger Heather said...
What a great picture. I love the digi elements you added.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I totally agree with heather! i wish i knew how to do that to my photos. looks great!

Anonymous Renee said...
Great photo.