Saturday, February 09, 2008
what's new in the studio today, or will I just sit on the computer and browse blogs, or will we organise a garage sale
ok.. firstly, Tim made me do, I did not want to tidy my desks, he was right though it made things a lot nicer.

It you take a look at my post - am I ever you will see I came a long way in 2 days and even managed to finish two layouts. My next goal is to work on my Busselton holiday mini album.


So at some time during the afternoon I decided to have a bit of a clean out and I am having a scrapbook garage sale, going through my wonderfully huge stash today I realised i still loved all my stuff but I knew I was just never going to use the amount I had. It felt rather good sorting it and working out what I really wanted, you see I love patterned paper, but 400 sheets is a little excessive, especially if you buy the same pattern in lots of 10, after using 2 or 3 I am usually over it. I think I finally have a candidate for my 'one little word' of the year...moderation!

ok that is how I should live, in moderation but it still doesn't strike a chord, hopefully I will stumble across my word soon.
Blogger Lissy said...
sure does look good....mine is a mess as

Blogger toners said...
Your room looks great! Awesome job :)

Blogger Theresa said...
wanna come and do mine now?