Thursday, March 20, 2008
we all have the ick and I really wish
bad news all around here today, Alec woke with a temperature a cough and a runny nose, Riley has a temp and so do I, Michael went off to work even though he has a temperature too.

Alec was so upset when I told him he couldn't go to school.. but I will let all my buddies down, they will miss me. How gorgeous is that. He was meant to be man on side of road waving palm frond in the passion play at school this morning. I was so tempted to let him go just for that but he really is too sick and we would all just spread it around. Look how pale the poor little thing is.

And to add insult to injury I so so wish I had done the kitchen before I went to bed last night because now I have to tackle this while I feel lousy.

Blogger Heather said...
Oh, I feel for you all. It's horrible to have sick kiddos but even worse to be sick with them! I hope you are all feeling better soon.
To answer you question, I have a Sony A100 DSLR.

Blogger Gayle Smith said...
Oh Alli! I hope your household is well soon. Not nice. Not long now til the retreat!! YAY!!! but...I can't find photos for your double LO class...have to take the kids somewhere and get some photos I think.

Blogger Benita said...
Hope you all feel better real soon!

Blogger jp said...
Hope you all start feeling better in time for the holiday weekend!