Saturday, March 15, 2008
birthday party blues
It has been one of those weeks with Alec, lots of angry voices, lots of confusion as he tries to cope with situations. We have the school situation pretty much worked out now, he can go to his quiet time place, sit in his bean bag and read a book. When he feels better he takes himself back to class.

This morning we woke to a very distressed child, he was acting out, very dramatic and cross at all of us. You see we had a birthday party to go to this morning and he was just too worried about the noise and not being able to find any of his friends. The place we were going is like a rabbit warren and has pokey dark little party rooms and he just can't cope with it, so ad in the noise and he just can't do it.

Once I realised what it was that had set him off I laid out our plans for the day and he was fine, we played a few hands of UNO and now he is going to have some computer time, he is a different child now.

I don't want this for him, but all I can do is help him to understand and give him coping strategies, it must be so confusing being six and not being able to communicate what you feel. Birthday parties are great social events for kids, but his wellbeing is far more important to me.


Blogger FlipFlop Mom said...
OHHH he looks like a little LOVE!!!
I can totally understand giving up your plans for your child's comfort!!! I think you did the right thing!!

Blogger janel said...
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