Tuesday, March 11, 2008
A quiet day for Alec.
Alec has had a little trouble communicating the last few days, we have been beset with hurt feelings, misunderstandings and many meltdowns. Last night Michael had to fall back on an oldy but goody and after Alec being upset for 1/2 an hour he asked him if he would like to water the garden. Water can always calm him, he doesn't have to get in the water, just be able to run his hands through it.

I took him to school this morning but after speaking to his teacher we decided he could probably do with a quiet day at home so that is what we are doing.

I wouldn't change Alec for anything but I do get sad when I see him so distressed, I would do anything for any hurt to just bounce right off him, but it doesn't and offhand remarks from other little boys seem to hurt the most, anything said is taken so literally and taken to mean not just..I don't need you this minutes but I don't need you ever again. We hope with age he can comprehend these types of social encounters better.

Autism is always throwing you curve balls, just when you think you have it worked out it all changes again. The photo is of Alec on Sunday morning having his coffee.


Blogger Darcey said...
((Hugs)) Hope things are better tomorrow.

Blogger Lissy said...
Pretty rough for you all...hope the day at home has done the trick :)