Sunday, March 09, 2008
A big day out..and a first lost tooth
Alec came running in after school with a little plastic bag in his hand.. with a tooth in it!!!

We have been waiting for this tooth to come out since it first started wobbling back in October of last year. He took it really well, it fell out during play time at school. I finally found a tooth image and made a little box to put his tooth in for the tooth fairy. Saturday morning he comes running out.. my wish came true, the tooth fairy came and left me gold coins.

Sometimes it happens, you get a day and it is filled to the brim. Yesterday was one of those days.

Our first stop was the Beach House play gym in Osborne Park, the Autism Assoc Early Intervention centre put on a get together for grade ones, it was so good to see them and Alec was able to catch up with his little friend Bryn. Alec wanted to go and play as he never ever eats at party type arrangements, but Bryn told him the rules, first you have something to eat, then you can play, Alec said oh ok and sat down and had something to eat, then they ran around and played themselves ragged.

Michael and I then dropped the boys at mums so we could have some us time. Mum had a new cat/kitten and then boys just love her. They always have such a good time at mums I think she spoils them a bit.

Michael and I went and grabbed some lunch before we went to a coffee tasting at Urabistar In Northbridge put on by our friends at Fiori coffee, then we picked up the boys and Joined Kam and Louise for noodles.
It was a big day but the weather was pretty mild and we got to all do fun things. Today I am scrapping a lost tooth and a play day, oh and doing a bit of washing! What else are Sundays for.