Monday, March 10, 2008
Some 365 day photos
I'm not doing too badly with these, every day that I take photos I do one for the album. I'm going to use one of the linen WeR Memory Keepers ring albums and the page protectors for 6x4 photos.

I'm really hoping someone in Australia starts stocking them soon as once I have a 100 days done I would like to have them printed. If I keep going at this rate I should have around 250 out of the 365 days done at the end of the year and that isn't too bad. I'm so glad I didn't decide to do the 365 days of self portraits! 365 days of me and my bad hair days would be too much to handle

Anonymous Jess said...
These are really cute! I LOVE the digital treatment to the second one.

Blogger Ryzmomplus2 said...
great pictures and I agree with the 365 of myself - that would have been tough for me to do also!

Blogger Ginny said...
I love the digital frames around all the pics!