Tuesday, December 30, 2008
boys and girls don't try this at home
seriously don't, but if you do, do the 2 things I didn't, put on a pair of gloves and have lots of paper towel within reach.

I rearranged the studio today, organised, tidied and dusted, all so I could do some scrapping, I spent 5 hours in here cleaning and Michael even vacuumed for me. So when I go to print the Christmas photos I am running low on ink. I had the two blacks I needed but not the cyan, I did have a cyan that went in the old printer..

don't I have a syringe around here somewhere for refilling ink cartridges?? oh yes look I do, I know what I will do, I will take the ink from one and put it onto the other, then I don't have to go out in the 39C (102.2F) stinking hot day to buy more ink..

This almost tops the blackberry sauce I made with salt the other day after spending an hour in the sun risking life and limb to pick the darn things... no actually that was pretty tragic.

So now I have to wait for the mats to dry before I can do anything, atleast the room is clean, but who knows how long I will be walking around with blue hands. I have tried, soap, hand cream, hand cream and eucalyptus oil and next I will try some turps.

look, my hands and my eyes match now!
Anonymous Linnao said...
Ok, I certainly WON'T try this at home! Lucky you for being in summer!

Blogger Janet said...
Oh, my! Sounds like something I would do! lol

Blogger Heather said...
I've actually tried refilling my own ink carts before and it was a mess. I will never do it again! I hope you get clean sooner rather than later!!

Blogger Domestic Goddess said...
OMG Alli look at your face - you are wasting away!!! Oh yeah and you have blue hands!!! lol
You look great!!!!

Blogger Sarah said...

Blogger Lissy said...
beautiful colour coordination there Alli :) And I can tell you have lost a lot of weight already! YAY!! Can't weight to see you! How is next week for you???

Blogger Rach said...
Ok so besides the cute blue hands you look damn amazing Alli!

Happy New Year and thank you for putting up all the information about blurb books.

Rachie :o)