Saturday, December 20, 2008
tis the season or tra la la la laaaaaaaaaa la la la la
Today is tree trimming day.

Part of our Christmas tradition is having mum and dad come up to visit while we decorate. Back on November 29th we went out to the tree farm and selected our tree and this morning Michael went out and cut it down. This year we went for one that actually fit in the car and the house, we have had some pretty big trees over the last 4 years but this one is perfect.

While I got out and untangles the ornaments mum sat with the boys and asked them what they wanted for Christmas lunch. Riley's list is very funny, mum will make it for him too, Alec's is very predictable but I loved how she wrote it down.

I really love all the ornaments, next year I think I will pick up a few new ones but with the smaller tree we had some to spare today. We just do lights and baubles, when Michael first turned the lights on they went through their whole routines, as I don't do flashing lights very well we set them to fade which is nice and gentle on your mind.

Riley is so into Christmas, he loved decorating the house and wanted to put decorations on the tree himself.

Alec was awfully excited about mum and dad coming but wasn't sure where he fit in, he made sure everyone had stickers and played uno with Riley and dad.

Riley made sure he got plenty of Kim time and clamoured all over dad terrorising him.

Ta da!! our tree all done.

Blogger Jen said...
I spend a great of time after reading your blog trying to decipher Aussie speak. I now what Maltesers are but am a little iffy on green cordials.

Anonymous Creative Junkie said...
I love all the phrases you use ... and I saw vegemite sandwiches and immediately thought Men At Work ... showing my age here.

Very sweet photos!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ali what a awesome tree you have, great shape. OH to the perfect REAL TREE.have a great chrissy