Sunday, May 24, 2009
So darn close and how it sucks to be a woman who wants to lose weight
So first the exciting news!!! at this mornings weigh in I am 100.3kg (220.6lbs), that is a loss of 29.7kg (65.3lbs) in 26 weeks. I so wanted it to go under 100, that will be my first goal reached, see I wasn't mucking around when I set my goal, I was going for a straight loss of 30kg and it feels good to see the scales moving down again. There are weeks when it hasn't moved and then I drop 1.7kg (3lbs) in a week.

This is so frustrating, every day my calorie intake is the same, I exercise and I do all the right things, and then after a week of agonising I step on the scale and noting has changed. I've never retained fluid before but i think I must be now I can't explain it, I am after a nice gentle loss of 500grams a week and while it is happening it is all over the place. I can't help feeling crabby when for two weeks everything stays the same. I haven't weakened though. At my visit to the surgeon last week he was pretty thrilled (and with Michael too who has lost 23kg in 18 weeks) and has set my goal of 75kg by may next year. So 25kg to go and 12 months to get there. The fact that I have been able to maintain this for 6 months already is fantastic and doing it together with Michael has definately made it easier. Seeing the differences in our weight loss patterns is annoying though, no hormones interfering with his efforts at all while mine ride rough shod over me making me either starving or psycotic, I can live with being starving for a week but the mild psyotic episodes are tiring, I want smooth balance and tranquility.

I'm getting there though and I am pretty pleased with myself.
Blogger Kim said...
Alli you are a legend!! Have you done your measurements? you have lost inches when the scales show no lose!! Don't stress - you are doing an amazing job and wow - you have overtaken me in the weightloss!!! I am imagingin that there are a few calories in my evening glass of wine!!!!
Way to go Alli - so proud!!!

Anonymous Creative Junkie said...
Alli - that is fantastic! Huge congrats to you!

Blogger Jo said...
Hi Alli! Great job with your weight loss!! Congrats! Andy gave me your blog link, I wasn't sure you got the e-mail I sent to you about the contest you won on her The Creative Junkie blog? Anyway just give me a shout whenever you might be ready to get started:) There's no rush but I just wanted to make sure I contacted you:)

Talk soon!

Blogger Chris Millar said...
Hi Alli, I just saw the pic on Lissy blog and had to come over and congratulate you!!! Fantastic effort and I bet you're feeling like a million dollars!!!