Tuesday, May 12, 2009
so I have neglected you a little haven't I
Ever feel like you just don't have anything that earth shattering to share? that has been me lately. Lots of things have had an impact on our lives, stuff keeps happening all the time but I am missing those moments where I want to record it. I am going to make myself record it!

So I haven't been scrapping, I haven't been keeping up to date with my 365 day photos. I have been taking photos though, they are sitting there like a burden I have to carry, I will eventually have to do something with them. In the last 3 months I have still managed to take 2243 photos. We have been to the zoo, Kings Park, soccer games and all kinds of things. I think now that I have finally settled into the year, yes I know we are almost 1/2 way through May already it just seemed to take a little longer this year to get my act together.

You see my focus is on weight loss, you could say I am consumed by it. I'm down 28kgs (62lbs)now, it has started to slow a little and I am trying not to panic, trying to keep the same focus and resolve, you always know it is going to slow but you get addicted to seeing that kilo drop off each week. I had my first day off from strict control on Mothers day, I had a baby ham and cheese croissant, some egg salad and smoked salon and a frosted cup cake and it was great! I just picked up again on Monday as though nothing had changed. This isn't to say I don't have treats. I love salt and vinegar chips so when I have done a good bit of exercise I have a small bag and for sweet snacks I eat dry Milo cereal LOL it is just nice to have something crunchy. I am still sticking to the soups, it is easiest and as it is cooling down it fits right in to the time of the year and I also only have to cook every 3 weeks this way.

It works for me.

So mothers day was great, my boys ran in at 6:15 and I sent them away, then at 6:45 Michael took them out and they made me a cup of tea and bought me my presents. The boys have been excited for days now, they had a Mothers day stall at school and both bought me a present, they have wanted to show me since last Thursday. So I got pink fluffy socks, a painting, a card and a lavender sachet from Riley and a bath set with soap and body wash and some cards from Alec and from Michael I got a Pandora bracelet and some charms and I won a Book Seat from Book Express hi Karen!! that Michael snuck out and picked up Saturday afternoon, under the guise of getting petrol, he was gone about 45 minutes.. . Mum and dad came to Alec's soccer game then we came back to our house for lunch and after they left I got to lay in bed and read all afternoon and Michael waited on the boys.
Blogger Lissy said...
Your weightloss is a very valid thing to be focusing on...it takes a lot of courage and determination....28 kg is amazing :)

Anonymous Creative Junkie said...
I agree with Lissy ... your health and weight are too important to go on the back burner. You should feel so proud of yourself!