Saturday, April 18, 2009
some pearls of wisdom... from a 7 year old
The only reason you sent us outside to play was so you could listen to your music... after being sent outside after sitting in front of the television for far too long!

Mum, I think you are spending far too much money on books.... after our third visit to a book store in two days

I told Michael what he said about the books and he was surprised Alec actually noticed, but you see Alec has developed a keen interest in money and what you can buy with it. I am pretty sure he wanders around the house trying to figure out what he can flog so he can buy more Bionicles.
Blogger Lissy said...
lol...I was about to email to demand a blog

Blogger I'm Jen. said...
Very perceptive of Alec, LOL. I have started doing mandatory outside time because Jacob would spend all day in the basement on the computer.

Anonymous Creative Junkie said...
I love the words you use! Flog? I take it that means "swipe" as in steal or scarf up?

In my opinion, there's nothing better to spend money on than books. If I could, I'd buy out Barnes & Noble.