Friday, May 22, 2009
gastric banding - the pro's and con's
Everything comes with a price. Some we are more than willing to pay, some are hard to live with and others are tolerated because we know they wont last forever.

I've had a bad week food wise, I ate a bit of cheese on Tuesday and then tried some mashed potato for tea. Well that mash feel with a thud and sat over the cheese and the band. It made itself into a little mashed potato plug and sat there. I could feel my heart beating through the band, I could feel the band and my chest got tight. The only place it could go was up, and that is what it did, after an hour of discomfort. Once it was gone I had totally lost my appetite and I felt bruised. This has happened three times before and the next meal I have, I have been fine but not this week. The next day I had another blockage and felt even more bruised, I put myself on liquids then and today I am doing really mushy or liquids. So here is the list of pro's and con's I came up with this morning while I was semi asleep.

Pro's -

you lose weight!!!!!
you lose weight!!!!!
you lose weight!!!!!
I don't snore anymore
I'm not tired all the time
my diabetes has gone
people say really nice things to me about my weight loss
clothes look better
I feel happier

Con's -

restricted food intake and type
possible blockages

So you see even though sometimes ick stuff happens I am still pretty thrilled I got the band. I just have to abide by the rules.. 1) chew your food!!!! this is where I usually go wrong, if I get too hungry I tend not to chew and hurry my food. I'm having terrible meat cravings right now, I think I am lacking iron and protein so I am going to look into a protein shake and try and remember to take my vitamin, because meat just isn't going down. I have become more comforttable with the fact I will probably eat soup for the rest of my life, well that isn't entirely true because once I reach my goal weight they will loosen the band, so it isn't forever. So I am off to obsess about my calories for the day and see what I can eat.
Blogger Lissy said...
The pro's are certainly out weighing any negatives Alli :) Keep it up :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well,my band went in on Wednesday and so far so good. Have been feeling OK - just a little sore and had an optifast shake this morning (the first sustenance in two days!) I can still see the pros far outweighing the cons!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I realised a couple of days ago that my body was screaming out for iron too! How funny -- definitely look into that. A protein shake is a great idea, and most protein shakes contain much, much less sugar than Optifast/other pharmacy-brand shakes.

Have you tried lamb? My dad had gastric banding done about a year ago, and can now eat lamb and chicken, but not other kinds of meat.

Anonymous Creative Junkie said...
This kind of surgery scares me, because of this reason. I don't know if I could go without my favorite foods? I'm not a candidate for the surgery because my weight hasn't come to that level yet, but I do need to lose probably about 30-40 pounds.

God, why can't they just make a magic, SAFE pill?

Blogger Kim said...
Alli you are so spot on with your pros and cons!! Yes you miss stuff but it is only stuff that was the problem in the first place!!
I find that the longer you cook meat the better - casseroles, stews, curries etc are pretty good, but you have hit the nail on the head with eating slowly!!! So important and then you realize that you have eaten and you stop well before your plate is empty!!