Monday, April 06, 2009
adios 25kg don't bother keeping in touch!!!
I'm feeling a little bit happy with myself today!

This is my first new outfit, everything else had found its way to the give away bag as it was falling down. I can't believe how much different I feel and how motivated I am to succeed. I've become a very strict calorie counter but it is what I need to do, it gives me power over food.

I have lost 25kg (55lbs) in 20 weeks.

I didn't realise a milestone like 25k would make me feel so elated, but it did and I have to say I am pretty proud of myself. I am almost half way there.

The best thing of all is I have been feeling very satisfied, I do have to watch impulse eating, I still find myself at the pantry looking for something to eat, I have to pull myself up and say.. well are you hungry... NO... so close the door and find something to do!!! Sometimes I just go no I am going to eat something, and I will, I don't tell myself but I allow an spare 100 calories a day for walking food, you know the nibbles you have while you make the kids afternoon tea, a cracker here a nibble of cheese there.

It is working and I'm pretty happy with my progress.
Blogger cate said...
You look amazing! great job! (and the red suits you, too!)

Blogger Sharon Manning said...
You look fantastic Alli - Well done you!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogger Lissy said...
wowee you look sensational the new can show me when we catch up on the hols! Go alli :)

Anonymous Odette said...
You're looking great Alli. No wonder you are so proud of yourself - you have achieved so much (or lost so much - depending on which way you look at it!!!)

Blogger Justine said...
Wow Alli! You look absolutely fantastic!!!! You should be proud of yourself. Love the new outfit...WTG!

Blogger Jenny said...
Wow Alli, you are doing fantastic!! You lopok soooo Hot!! You are the inspiration that I need to get started - I have been lurcking around for nearly 20 weeks and this is my first post, I need to lose so much weight and I guess there is not time like the present!!
Thank you!

Blogger Donna said...
Looking great girl! That colour really suits you as does that humungous grin!

Any hints or tips for those os us about to follow in your footsteps?

Blogger Gayle said...
You look Fabulous Alli! It's been a month since you posted this so you probably look even better now...
Good on you!
See you at te october retreat?????