Wednesday, December 14, 2005
awwwwwwwwww crap
I'm having an 'everyone is better than me day' I have been blog surfing and all those scrapper girls are doing such gorgeous stuff for christmas, I have been making altered notebooks for some girlfriends, they look nasty, firstly I was lazy and didn't take off the binding before I covered them so you can see the pink fluro edges... too late to go back now but to compound it I went on and did the next 2 the same. I'm hoping a gajillion bits of ribbon on the spine can camoflague the hideous pink, it wont help the rest though.

We set out early today to brave centrelink, it was very quiet and everyone smiled and the man at the front desk guided me to the right people, all the while my two banshee's were running squealing with delight stopping to make every door open and close and pretending to be Buzz Lightyear and jumping to infinity and beyond from the chairs. Then on leaving Riley wouldn't be carried so we had to cross the road all holding hands, thank god every person was off shopping and not driving. Coming home I tried to commit to cleaning, so far the kitchen is tidy and so is the lounge, after nap time I will clean my room, ok tidy, clean seems to be that step I just can't take, I loathe to clean and when I do I do it poorly. Atleast with the kitchen tidy Michael will be more inclined to make the pikelets for the boys daycrae christmas party tomorrow while I am out :)