Friday, December 23, 2005
Merry Christmas!!
amongst bowls full of shrotbread mix, turkey stuffing and shopping crowds here I am... grandma is here and the boys are just loving it, grandma lives in Brisbane so we are a long way away. It's been great this year Michael has seen his mum 3 times and we have seen her twice, it is so nice have somewhere for her to stay now, before we have lived in nasty pokey places with no spare rooms or room.

Alec has just been gorgeous, he has been filling his empty santa sack with toys and going around giving them out to people, he so loves Christmas, everything we are doing is for Alec and Riley I want them to have a wonderful day.

We are having open house tonight (hope someone shows up LOL) then Saturday is cooking day, all the shopping is done and I am just scanning the..wait for it.. 16 layouts I have done in 4 days for my mum and Mike's mum to go in their new Basic Grey albums for Christmas!!

It's been very hard hiding from Mikes mum while I finished them.. well off to load the albums and start making copious amounts of food... have a wonderful Christmas