Wednesday, January 11, 2006
The creativity killer..
What's yours? Mine is house cleaning. I can honestly say I loathe nothing more than I loathe cleaning. Which is a big problem because I also hate mess. If I had more cupboard space/was organised/cleaned every day/wasn't lazy it wouldn't be a problem.

I'm out of sorts today, I think my blood sugar levels are fluctuating, I always forget to eat when I clean and my levels always drop. I must go and have my blood tests done, I would have liked to have lost more weight but that is the story of my life, I have my last results so I will be able to see how I am going, my Dr is great I feel I am able to ask for copies of results, as anyone is but he just makes it easy. Diabetes sucks, I need to cut out my lets pretend days where I tell myself chocolate is a staple and its very own food group. I was doing so well until we had to get Alec's diagnosis then I couldn't cope with that stress and diabetes well now that is over I'm having trouble getting back on the wagon.

I need a cleaner.
Anonymous Susan (smiles1965 from Scrapboxx said...
Even those of us who do not have
diabetes wish that chocolate was allowed to be another food group. I looooove chocolate.

Your not alone in hating housework and cleaning I'm sure. I know it has never been my favourite thing

Take care of yourself and have a nice day.