Saturday, January 07, 2006
My babysitters...
did a wonderful job! I think they really enjoyed having the boys last night. They took them out to a noodle house for dinner and even managed he get Riley to wear shoes and walk. So well done Mutts and Kim!! Riley even at 2 thinks we are here to "uddle uddle" him, which means carry his heavy butt around. I mean when he stands in front of you with his arms raised twiddling his fingers what do you do? walk around him? I don't advise trying it unless you want to lose your hearing temporarily.

We went to Kings Park to the outdoor cinema, we saw the Wedding Crashers, I wasn't overly taken by the film when I heard that was what was on but if you ask everyone I laughed so so much, it was slightly crass but just too funny. I would have loved to have gone on for coffee with the others but I was pretty sure Alec wouldn't have gone to sleep and I was right plus by the time we picked them up and made our way home it was after 11:30.

After what seemed like endless preparation to even get there, by the time the sun was setting I had relaxed and had a nice night.
Blogger Regina said...
I'm glad you had a good night Alli :)

Blogger Nicole Finlayson said...
Sounds like a great night for all Alli. :)

Nicole xx

Blogger hamo said...
glad you had fun Ali!

I admit it was a pretty crass movie - but I heard you laugh louder than anyone :)

i think I could see it again and laugh just as much

must be my depraved mind