Friday, January 06, 2006
my colour profile
I saw this on Chris Millar's blog, who saw it on Tracy's blog, it is a colour profiler done by Taubmans 603010 range, it is very nicely done, I still look at everything as a web designer, I wish I had kept it up, maybe once Riley starts kindy I can reignite my carreer again. I may start looking for some freelance work at the end of this year, which will mean a fair bit of catch up reading and lost of test sites, just as well I find it so much fun!

anyway here is my colour profile, go and have a look even if it is just to play with their nice little profiler.

Ruby Star

Inspired by the reds in our world...
chillies, blood red and red hot,
exotic aromas that arouse the senses,
sumptuous cut velvets, silky taffetas,
jewel like mosaics, strawberries and pink champagne,
forbidden fruits lead us to temptation,
ambient fragrances & scented candles...
a celebration of life
Blogger Chris Millar said...
Wow Alli, you sound so fiery and passionate with all that red!LOL

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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