Friday, January 06, 2006
Having fun being masterful..
I am still on such a high from being chosen as one of the SM Masters, the fact that they now call me and ask ME!!! to do things blows me away, I mean I have been rejected by so many design teams I have just stopped applying yet I can still be a master!! They even have my accent on the promotions page, I tell you until I made that I had never made an accent in my life and had to ask what one was!

I wish I could share the things I have been doing, but watch out for Volume 12 No 6 as the first of the Masters Gallery Challenges will start showing up, and then in May I will be doing the Quilt and Craft fair here in Perth, thankfully these things are organised months in advance, I need to start thinking of demo projects now.
Blogger Chris Millar said...
What a buzz it is to be actually asked to do projects! Enjoy your year as a master!

Blogger Chris Millar said...
Oh, and thanks for letting me know about those links, I think I've fixed them now! I'll add you to mine also if that's ok?

Blogger Linda said...
How exciting Alli!!

Will keep an eye out for all your gorgeous work :)

Blogger Regina said...
Alli, I love your work! I love how your pages are bout the photos and not all of the fany embellishments IYKWIM? I love the clean cut style of them!

Also I wanted to thankyou for your links to Autism. At the moment Connor has been diagnosed with Global Development Delay, and we are waiting on a formal assessment for Autism. The waiting list is 8 months for an appointment. So the more to read up on in that time is great!

I have been reading back through your blog, and reading it has really touched my heart.

I will be adding you to my blog links if that is okay?

Blogger Regina said...
LOL I just realised how similar our blog headings are. I promise I hadn't seen your blog before setting mine up!

Blogger Nicole Finlayson said...
Alli, I've always been a fan of your gorgeous work. i love how you put lots of photos on many of your pages and how they are about basic day to day stuff mostly! Your pages are exactly what scrapbooking is to me.

I can't believe you've been rejected from many DTs.. Mad people! Well being an SM Master is waaaaayyy cooler than being on any DT!! Congratulations again, I bet that high never wears off for your whole appointment and so it shouldn't!!