Friday, December 30, 2005
Well last night we took Grandma to the airport, it has been a wonderful 10 days and we all wish it had been longer. Alec and Riley so loved having grandma here, she read them stories, gave them baths, took them to the park and did my laundry!!! The fact they could just sit and talk to grandma and play games with her was the best gift we received this Christmas.

The festivities started with tree decorating on the 20th and my mum and dad came up and bought yummy dinner with then, the 23rd we had open house and were able to sit and share a few drinks and a nice relaxed chat with our friends, Saturday was cooking day as Christmas dinner is at my house now. Christmas morning Alec woke up and we hadn't actually put the presents under the tree but we did them a chair each, Alec said "oh dear mummy, got to put presents under a tree" and that is exactly what he did, amongst exclamations of "wook at all da presents Santa bringed mummy" Dinner was yummy and my 8kg turkey was divine, can't beat our bbq for cooking the perfect turkey! Then boxing day saw us at the park having a leftover picnic with the Monday morning tea group.

It was a wonderful time, I would love to be able to do this for Alec and Riley every year.

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