Friday, March 31, 2006
I'm Sick
ok so we are all sick but I am by far the one feeling most sorry for myself, I get wickedly awful vertigo on a monthly basis and I also woke up with the kids colds.

So far the morning has gone well, lots of puzzles and lego and abc kids... nap time now, for everyone I think

ok so the original post I made about the benefits of a blog got totally lost when I hilighted it and somehow hit the back space key instead of copy, sufice to say I think this is another way of record keeping, I first thought it was a bit strange putting it all out there for anyone to see and a little presumptious that anyone would care, hence the name useless ramblings, then I worked out that it was important to me. When I started my blog 5 years a ago it was with greymatter until one day the server that hosted my web site had a dummy spit and it would never work again, thankfully I have all the archives. I'm glad because I started it the day I found out I was pregnant.

Now it is a way for me the share what I do, keep in touch with friends I make and get down our day to day lives..
Anonymous Rach said...
Alli its my therapy and I wonder now why I was so reluctant to keep a blog?!

Its definitely not useless.


Blogger Mistra said...
Hi Alli...
Sorry to hear you're not feeling the best - hope you get over everything soon! Sucks to be sick when you've got kids wanting attention!
Love your name tag, LO's, doodling and the time capsule... drooled over it for ages in the mag!!
Take care...