Saturday, July 01, 2006
Home again Home again
Except it sounds like homagin homagin when Riley says it when we pull into the garage.

We went on an adventure to the city today, on the train! First stop was shoes for Michael for work, and while he tried on shoes my two funny little boys took down shoes and tried them on too, Alec even tried to tie the shoe laces, he had this little conversation with Riley.. "Look Riley do you like these ones? They are berry nice" they even put them back when they had finished trying them on, then they saw a mirror ball and went off and danced with the mannequins. Then we had the whiney bit until we went to see some toys and Alec was very happy, I got him a matchbox fire engine scene, he loves those little things and is very happy with his weewooooo (fire engine) and Riley now has scrambler from Bob the Builder. Mum had bought Riley some sleep suits, he hates sleep suits so we exchanged then for another outfit and the toys.

We only had one heart stopping moment, Alec had been wonderful holding my hand all the time, then we dropped into a second hand book store and he was in the store right beside then all of a sudden he saw a pigeon and he was off, another lady on the street saw him too and dived for him, the bird ofcourse was perching on the the very edge of the pavement, we caught him in time. I tried not to freak out too much, then on the way back to the train I let him chase them, I just had to run along too as I wasn't about to let go of his hand.

Now I really must go, I found a commissioning letter from Scrapbooking Memories in the mail Friday and the OTP item was due umm Friday, guess what I haven't started yet! (guess what I have no idea as to what to do!)