Friday, June 30, 2006
Friday on my mind!
ahhhhhhhhhhhh it seems like such a relief, no classes on the weekend and no work, I need this.

I'm taking the boys to see CARS this morning then we are all coming home and taking a nap and will hang out this afternoon and I will try and do some scrapping, I have a whole lot of unfinished journaling on the computer so I might start there.

Saturday we are taking a trip into town on the train, Michael has a Myer gift card from April to use and I have to exchange some sleep suits mum bought Riley but they have feet in them and the following performance wasn't a pretty sight so they go back.

Sunday is to be entirely devoted to scrapping! Scrapping is my refuge, my safe harbour and I need time there so I can function out in the storm. I did up the work rosters for July and August and I have over extended myself, July wont be so bad it is just extra classes but August wont be fun. It's hard because I like going to work but with Alec's therapy schedule life is already pretty full. There are days when I do the "I wish" but at the end of the day it is pointless because wishing it doesn't change anything but I tell you the work we do with Alec has saved our lives, a year ago we had a little boy who couldn't get through the day without being so overwhelmed by our world, who couldn't communicate except to squeal when he was distressed, we have been doing speech for a year almost now and he has been doing Early Intervention and occupational therapy with the Autism assoc for 10 weeks and the director can't believe it is the same child, we must have just hit on the right combination because he is thriving. We still have 'episodes' but these are usually short lived as we can get him to use his words to explain what has upset him. Now we have to address the sensory issues. He is my gorgeous boy, here are Riley and Alec helping Michael clean the BBQ, I did this 2 weeks ago before I hit my creativity brick wall

Blogger Angela said...
Gogeous layout! I love how you used the word tiles. I have some I've been hanging onto for awhile. Great idea!

Blogger Chris Millar said...
Super layout Alli! Enjoy your scrapping day on Sunday!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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