Thursday, July 06, 2006
It's all happening!
Well yesterday I spoke to Claire Stewart at SM, Claire is the gorgeous girl that does the marketing and events for the magazine and I worked with her at the Perth Quilt and Craft fair, I had remembered they have announcements in the magazine so I called her to see if I could get information about my Autism crop day fundraiser in, alas I was a few days late but Casey and Claire are going to get it up on the Scrapbooking memories web site for me!!

I have now created a blog just for the fundraiser here - A Helping Hand with all the information and details, I am booking the room today, yes I know I should have done that first but I had to get the information out last night or I would have missed out and I want this to be a great day for everyone and I want to raise as much money for the Autism Association as I can!

So go and have a look and if you would like to come along or help out in some way email me at or leave a comment.
Blogger Lisa Harman said...
Alli this is wonderful. full steam ahead.

I will be sure to put my name down for a ticket and I am sure the rest of the Scrappi Dais gals will too.

Good luck with everything and if you need anything just ask.

Blogger domestic goddess said...
Alli we are in for sure!!! Give a yell for anything that you might need help with....

Anonymous Lissy said...
'Bout time you got it be great :)Fabulous thing to be doing Alli :)