Thursday, August 24, 2006
Kiwi Scraps

So Lissy and I arrived in Sydney at 6:20pm Thursday night and jumped in a taxi and headed straight for the hotel, I'm pretty sure if wasn't much after 7:30pm that we found ourselves sitting with about 16 of the scrap needs girls in the restaurant, lots of introductions and a very big amount of excitement for what the following days held for us. I know I was excited!

I did Ali and Donna classes and I loved every one of them, none are finished and now I have the dreded kiwi scraps lurgie which about 1/2 a dozen of us have sucumbed to, I am meant to be working today but I am lucky to be standing it is a rather nasty bug.

But back to kiwi scraps! I have come away with a new outlook on my scrapping and what it means to me and my family, it needs to touched and looked at, it came home to me when Donna threw her album, and did her 'showing the kids your album' skit, that was me all over!! we sit and look at the albums but i turn the pages, so now I am going to start doing a few more mini albums with all the 'other' photos I have that don't make it onto a layout.

And then all the people I met! Libby, Rach, Kell, Jen, Megan, Carol, Reggie, Roz, Sandra, Suze Doyle and so many more, it was such fun, but so strange as someone would sit next to you and you would chat away yet this was the first time you had talked in person
Blogger domestic goddess said...
OMG you met all those cool people - way to go Alli, so glad that you had the best time and I am sure that travelling with Lissy would have been so enjoyable, she is a hoot!! Looking forward to hearing about it all at the crop....

Blogger lee woodside said...
Hey girl great to catch up if only for a short time.
Can you email me a copy of that top photo of the girls full size if that's ok.

Anonymous Carol Dillon said...
Hey Alli
It was great meeting everyone in real life wasn't it. And it was so easy to just chat with you. Glad I met you