Sunday, January 21, 2007
such a lame title but so many things popped into my head as I woke this morning.

My first waking came at 3am, for some reason I could only feel the last 2 fingers on my hand, carpel tunnel has hit in a big way again, I had been really careful with the way I slept in case that was causing them to go to sleep, this is the first time only 1/2 my hand went to sleep.

The next waking at 6am when mac-a-cat decided to be my friend and sit on me, then at 6:20am when he decided he wanted to go out, but no not out the front door, the back door, that is when i decided it was time to get up and enjoy a little quiet time before the rowdies woke up.

The next thing I realised was that I would have to sit down and copy some 200 posts into word if I wanted a record of my blog. I don't know why it only became an issue this week, I mean this blog started in 2001, 5 years of blogging, even before I scrapped, but i hosted that myself so I have all the posts. One day my web host had a glitch and never again did greymatter (the blog I used) work so we went on hiatus for a year until this.

Now it's sunday, the house is slightly tidy, I need to do some serious washing today and then I'm scrapping (in between loads) just 2 more weeks until Alec starts pre-primary, I'm going to do lots of relaxing and hanging out with my boys because once school starts no one has much time to stop. Hopefully early intervention get our schedule to us this week, They moved over break and will now be behind the Autism assoc main building, hope all the kids don't get thrown too much by the new venue.