Tuesday, January 16, 2007
I arted
in the most loose sense of the word. I had fun though, hands are a bit sore now but you get that.

Once again Ali Edwards has sent us off on a journey of discovery, I ran off to Inspiration Peak and did a search for quotes using my word.. which is - CREATE. Well I found a great one and would like to think I can strive to be a little like this, here is the quote -

The majority of us lead quiet, unheralded lives as we pass through this world. There will most likely be no ticker-tape parades for us, no monuments created in our honor. But that does not lessen our possible impact, for there are scores of people waiting for someone just like us to come along; people who will appreciate our compassion, our unique talents. Someone who will live a happier life merely because we took the time to share what we had to give. Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have a potential to turn a life around. It's overwhelming to consider the continuous opportunities there are to make our love felt.

Leo Buscaglia

And here is the art, I experimented with new things and dragged out some old, like my chalks, funnily enough the chalk is what I was happiest with, what didn't thrill me was the mess the alcohol inks and the stupid applicator made, that will come with practice and a little knowledge, but who wants to find out what to do, I just wanted it on the paper so that is where it went
I also broke the drought and did a page. My pack from Buzz and Bloom hasn't arrived yet but I found I had some of their chipboard so I did a practice.
and finally... Riley did a wee in the toilet!!! He went to bed in undies, I just know i will be changing the sheets unless I sneak in and put a nappy on him but I don't want him to feel like I have betrayed him. It has been a long process, he wants to stay the baby, this was the very first time he used the toilet, the last week he has gone pant less and peed on the lawn..

so YAY for Riley!
Anonymous Lissy said...
Very arty farty :)

and great layout

and Go Riley Go!!!

Blogger D@nielle said...
Hi mrs grendel ... thought I'd post a comment since I cannot find your email. I think we should unite as our husbands have made a mock out of us with their blogs LOL. Now how could we get back at them as their popularity is rising fast and I am worried about all those groupies ..... ;)

Blogger Tammy James said...
Hi, I hope you don't mind but I have blog hopped from Phillipa's blog to yours.
I love your LO and send out a big YAY to your little boy for using the toilet!