Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Lis made me do it!
which is a good thing, I need someone to make me do things, I just run out of steam sometimes and lose all drive. I get tired of running the house, I want guidelines, I want a deadline... you must have the kitchen tidy by such and such time, make that bed, pick up those clothes, because lets face it you are wasting your time expecting anything from a 3 and 5 year old. They do sometimes amaze me, other times I just throw my arms up and walk away, I mean how to do you force a child who is curled in a ball telling you they are just exhausted and couldn't possibly pick up their toys right now.

All you can do is laugh, and pick it up yourself. I haven't exactly been on strike I have been on avoidance.

So I was on the phone to Lis last night and I was bemoaning the chaos of my house, she told me to get off the phone, put a load on and fold the washing.. and I did, ok make that we, I had Michael help me fold the washing, so in the last 12 hours 5 loads of washing has been done, only 6 to go!

I'm think we need to upgrade from a 4kg machine!

Off to get a #5 cake tin, an acrylic block, visit Lis then come home and tidy the kitchen, as Lis and I are off to the movies tonight.. yayyyyyyyyyyy
Blogger Lissy said...
Very good :) Hope you get the next few loads done and yes GET A BIGGER MACHINE!!!

Blogger Sheree McGee said...
Yep get a bigger machine Alli. And I'm the same, I have to have a deadline otherwise I buggerize around doing everything but the task at hand! lol.

Can you also send me your addy for the prize donation for your fundraiser? I'd love to help and got some stuff here for you.


Blogger Sharon Manning said...
Definitely a larger machine Alli! We watched a program on Foxtel last night and this couple had 16 children and she was 39 yrs old. They were building their new house/mansion to accommodate them all and they were installing 8 washing machines!!!!!

Hope you had a good time at the movies.....that's where I'm heading tonight to see Hugh!

Chat soon.
Sharon xoxoxoxo