Tuesday, February 27, 2007
what is it with the weather??
I don't do humidity well, I look all wet and sheeny and feel like I am wearing clothes straight out of the washing machine!

So thankfully on Saturday on the way home from Alec's party Michael ran into kmart and lay-by'd me a split system reverse cycle air con for the scraproom... what a guy!

other things to say but have decided to :let it go

My life plan for this week!
Anonymous Tara said...
I'm hiding in my house from the humidity. So thankful for our air conditioning.

Blogger domestic goddess said...
your Michael is the sweetest isn't he??
Good to let things go - while lying under a cool air con with a spritzer!!!

Blogger Sharon Manning said...
Yucky weather isn't it Alli, I don't like it either.....I washed the car yesterday and I think I ended up wetter than the car and no I didn't hose myself down!

Air-con for the new scrap room, wow lucky girl!


Blogger Mel Diener said...
ugh..humidity. I'm so thankful for our split system, can't imagine life without it.