Friday, February 23, 2007
my life in point form
  • I haven't done a page for 10 days, I'm worried I will forget how to.
  • I haven't taken a decent photo in months, that is why I have asked Lissy to be official photographer at Alec's party tomorrow.
  • I am hoping we sell the lounge at the garage sale Sunday then I can start decorating my scraproom next week!
  • All I have left to do for the party is decorate the cake.
  • And maybe make a few more lolly bags as I think we are up to 26 confirmed kiddies!
  • I'm waiting for the washing machine to finish so i can hang out the washing.
  • Andrew has hung the doors on the scraproom!!
  • The gyprock man will be here in an hour to do the walls!!
  • The washing machine has finished
Blogger Sharon Manning said...
oooooaaaahhhhh How exciting, it sounds like your new scrap room is well and truly underway. Good luck with Alec's party tomorrow, all I can say is that you are very brave having that many children! LOL.

Don't worry about the $10 use it towards something in your new room.

Blogger Lissy said...
YAY!! Scraproom!!

Sounds like birthday preps are going well!!

E has wrapped the present and made a card!!

Camera is ready!

Anonymous Tara said...
I'm usually lucky if I get a page or two done in ten days... i'm soooo slow!

Blogger Jenny said...
The cake is wonderful.
It is so nice to have your own "space" it sounds so exciting.

Thanks for the message on my blog, i know you are right, xxx.

Have a wonderful birthday party, having an appointed photographer is a wonderful idea.

Take care and Have fun