Thursday, March 01, 2007
I do remember
how to scrap!

This was my only achievement for yesterday, I did no washing or mundane things at all after I had tidied the kitchen in the morning. Today is a different story, if I want a nice weekend I am washing and cleaning today, I can live with that, one day of drudgery for 4 days of fun stuff, the fun stuff being painting my studio..
And no I really don't know what this layout is about, just a captured second in Riley's life, made me realise how fleeting any stage is.. photo by Lis Cassey.

Ramdon Fluff

Do you judge how good bad or indifferent someones life is compared to yours by how and what they blog?

I ask because I just wonder what you actually think of me. (go on tell me I really want to know) This is not at all in a low self esteem type of way, because I know I am a bit of a goof ball, loud, brash, bad hair, chubby (ok I am being very kind to myself there) it was chubby or beefy and beefy always reminds me of female Russian discus throwers which is even worse because I did throw discus at school!

I have been reading blogs today and some are just all out there, all the nitty gritty telling it how it is and others are like window dressings that flutter in the breeze and look far more enticing than your dusty venitians, I also ask this because someone said I was witty, I try my hand at humour but always thought I fluffed the punch lines.

I really do think the strangest things when i am tired.

So omlettes for dinner tonight, markets with Riley tomorrow morning for fruit and veg and some mummy and Riley time then 3 days of going nowhere doing nothing and loving every sesond of it!
Blogger Lissy said...
Fab layout Alli :)

Amazing any of the kids were still enoough for any photos that day there were a few good ones ...bit under pressure and stressed at being "party photographer" for the kids going in 30 directions!!

Blogger domestic goddess said...
Love the LO Alli - just stunning as always....enjoy the painting (hate doing that myself but when the end product is a scrap room - well I could make an exemption) - you are witty and I love catching up on your blog seeing as I can't call in for coffee any old time cos you are so damn far away (mind you the coffee is worth it)

Anonymous Tara said...

What colour is the scraproom going to be?

Anonymous Rach Wyndham said...
Alli I love honest blogs.

I like reading about the real, ballsy [if you will excuse the expression] things and not the fairy floss and rose petals and honestly I find comfort and reassurance [many times] reading and realising its not just me.

Of course this applies to many situations. lol

I never judge a person by what they write on their blog but I think you get a good insight reading some :)

P.S LOL @ the discus throwers!