Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Monday Monday..
Monday Monday, can't trust that day,
Monday Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way
Oh Monday morning, you gave me no warning of what was to be

Well yesterday I had good Monday morning intentions, laundry, cleaning, but that changed just after midnight when my poor baby arrived, I could hear him before he got to the door, the first cool night and he had croup. It was so bad last night that he was vomiting in between coughing. It took half an hour to get him out of the bathroom, we lured him out with Stargate, so between then and I think about 3am we sat up with him until he stopped coughing and throwing up, we set the vapouriser up right away and set him up a bed on our floor and he eventually fell asleep, I lay there listening to him breathe until about 4am and then 6:30am came around way too soon.


well I have made a nice dent in my photos, finished another two Sunday but all the inspiration I had over the weekend has been lost to the lack of sleep monster. Here is the last one I managed, I even got a bit of bling in there, which on a boy page is pretty hard!


So much is being said about autism right now, awareness is up but to me it is not all good news, I'm really hoping that the American led 'search for a cure' doesn't overshadow such things as the value of Early Intervention and direct much needed funds to something that wont help anyone. If you really want to donate look up your Australian state or territory Autism Association and donate something to them.

Every facet of my life and that of my family is touched by autism, we live with it daily but in no way would I change my child, he really does amaze me, he has started to learn how to adapt. It is like the paediatrician we initially saw said, autism is like a brick wall with some bricks missing and some bricks in the wrong place, the therapies we have done with Alec have rebuilt the wall and filled in the spaces with new bricks. It is a slow job and sometimes it seems you take four steps back for every two you take forward but when you start to see results everything you have done was worth it.
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Blogger Lauren said...
Hi Ali,

Fab LO love the colours!!! Hope that you had a great Easter and have a fab week!!

Lauren x

Blogger Jenny said...
Hi Alli,
My youngest son has Dispraxia, and not that bad either, so I can kind of glimpse into your live. I'm sure if everyone spreads the word about early intervention, some where it will click! The therapy groups, and individual trainees are so good at what they do and as you point out need funds to keep this up. I bet you are so proud when Alec fixes something for himself. (Especially things that other Mums take for granted, not intentionally of course).
Sorry to hear you are a diabetic as well, well done on the no eating chocolate! especially since easter egg choc is the best lol, bye for now xxxJenxxx

Blogger Lissy said...
Great layout Alli :)

Hope Riley is a lot better today :)

Easter monday is not an ordinary monday and all house work best avoided!