Wednesday, March 21, 2007
This is what the wish list from the Autism Association Ealry Intervention Centre comes too.

I would so love to be able to raise this much for them this year, I have a two page list in front of me from Tasha the clinical director of the centre, I will publish some of it later today. This is equipment and resources that will be helping a child from the first time it is used and for a very long time after that.

As far as autism goes for me and those I talk to who are therapist and parents Early Intervention is the key, it is proven, it is so worthwhile and we can see the resources at work and the progress made.

From last years fundraising the centre bought some weighted jackets, Alec has one from the centre right now, his teachers are EXCITED, yes excited by the improvement and progress he has made in a week of using the jacket during activity time. Beacause they had the jackets we were able to trial it and I am buying one for Alec.

This is what it is all about for me. Such a small amount of money will make such a difference to so many families.
Blogger Lissy said...
The jacket sounds fabulous Alli :)

And I just wanted to say how amazing it is that you are fundraising for the really make a difference in people's lives...even though you will not get the benefit from it as Alec will no longer be attending the are one amazing person :)

Anonymous allison said...
Such a good cause! I hope the target is reached.
I love your description about yourself...fantastic!!!