Tuesday, April 10, 2007
The wonder of the pea...
A couple of months ago I got a peamail from a girl that runs a French forum called Scrap et Pipelettes, they had selected me to be their scraplift subject of the month. So they selected layouts from my twopeas gallery and scraplifted them, I really am very chuffed.. here are links to their scraplifts..

Album -

the tigger - isa85
Scraplift ALLIPAT - martinelandes
Carte doux bisou - prune
***Sev et Emily*** par sevol
Noël 2006 de Linette - scraplift Allipat
Assise parfaite ou une histoire de tabouret (par nAnnie)
Scraplift Allipat par Pyllou
Scraplift Allipat par bidi
Jeu des mots à la page - Xilbi
Morne à l'esu by cigogne
Blogger Sharon Manning said...
I missed your post yesterday Alli....didn't show up on my bloglines so you flew under the radar. Love the layout and the little bit of bling....careful you will be dressing Riley in a fairy outfit and doing girly layouts soon. LOL
Wow I would have been chuffed at having a scrapping group choose me to scraplift too.....the layouts I've looked at are fantastic!
Sharon xxx

Anonymous Fiona Taylor said...
Wow Alli, that is VERY cool! The ultimate form of flattery isn't it! You should be chuffed. Hope the rest of your week goes smoother...