Friday, July 06, 2007
Work, Play, Gym
yay the gym! I love the gym, we joined about 6 months ago while they were still building it so we got in as foundation members. Well we have been going a month now and I love it. They have a creche so after we drop Alec off to school Riley and I got to the gym.

This week also saw the last day of daycare for Riley. It had turned into too much of a trauma, he hated going but had a good time once he was there but I had had misgivings for a few months and now the fundraiser is over I had no reason to keep him there and he is quiet amenable to being carted around now.

I'm working on Katja Scneider's kits for the gallery at Designing Memories these are gorgeous kits.


it is the last day of school today! class play at the park after pick up and lining up play dates and visits. I love school holidays!
Anonymous Tara said...
I've so slacked off going to the gym, I have GOT to get back!

Blogger Lissy said...
Great stuff Alli :)

See you on the holidays :)