Monday, October 29, 2007
Anniversary, weekend away, sleep overs
Michael and I celebrated our 7th anniversary this weekend. We had a night away at the Intercontinental at Burswood.

Weekend away

Saturday afternoon we took the boys to see my mum who has just had a knee reconstruction, from there we took them to the hotel with us, they were so excited, Alec loved the lift and Riley was hyperventilating clutching Michael's hand, I was right there with him, they were glass lifts, I faced the door! When we got in the room they saw the bath and stripped off, they loved it, the bathroom had screens so you could open it up and see right out the windows.

After a bath we gave them a big treat of room service, they had a milkshake and a bowl of chips, when they were done Alec says, mum, can you call them and ask them to bring up more chips please.

We dropped the boys at dads at 5:50pm then headed back and went to dinner at Sirocco's, very nice and very reasonable considering where it is, we shared a yummy pizza for starters then just had starters for our mains, they were huge so I was glad I didn't order anything else. After dinner we did a walk through the casino... shouldn't have bothered, but oh well it was out=r holiday.

Now daylight saving started Sunday morning so poor Michael had to get up at 6 to go and pick up the boys, even though the clock said 7, we knew it was still only 6am! When they got back we all headed down for breakfast, we just went for the continental but it was an amazing spread, a dozen different pastries, 2 dozen different breads and muffins, smoked salmon, fruit, cereal, the works.

After breakfast we went for a walk outside and let the boys run around, the centre garden is lovely and it had water, what more could 2 little boys need. Then it was off to meet friends for yum cha, it was delicious, I can see us doing that again!
Blogger Sharon Manning said...
Hi Alli,
It sure looks like you had a great weekend...Happy Anniversary!
Take Care

Blogger Lissy said...
Looks like you had a great time :)