Monday, October 22, 2007
Back from the bush
Super dooper tired today but awfully pleased with how the weekend went. The drive to Hyden was pretty stressful, I haven't done any country driving for a good 10 years now and this was a little taxing on the system, the car was a legend though (was a bit anxious about breaking down 100km from anywhere).

The hall was fantastic, lots of room and Karen had the shop set up and the girls were right into it when I arrived at around 3pm on Friday afternoon. I did my classes on Saturday, the girls are a pleasure to teach, so much enthusiasm. It is hard work doing a class of 30 but fun, I really do enjoy teaching and this is an ideal environment for it. Between Lis, Sharon and me the girls get 6 classes over 2 days, pretty intense but great fun.

For dinner we went to the bowls club (ok I think it was the bowls club) and had the most amazing reef and beef, the steak was divine, thinking of asking Lis to stop at the butchers on the way home.. imagine getting meat from 400km away! it would be worth it though, and also scrummy creamy garlic prawns.

Then Sunday I headed back to Perth around 9:30am, the drive home was a lot easier, I was far more relaxed, I tell you what though at a certain truck stop in Corigin I had the worst toasted sandwich I have ever had, which is such a shame because in March when we went through it was doing the BEST toasted sandwiches I had ever had... then this was followed by the most awful cup of coffee in Brookton. I'm going to have to source better eateries for next time!
Blogger Gayle Smith said...
Hey Alli! Just wanted to stop in and say thanks for a great weekend. Loved your classes and in general had a wonderful weekend. Gayle

Blogger Lissy said...
Sure was an excellent weekend...road side eating is always a bit hit and miss!