Wednesday, October 17, 2007
my how things change
Once, I was a computer nerd, I could converse knowledgeably about programming code, widgets and gadgets confidently with other nerds, I knew how stuff worked, wrote web pages in raw code, sadly this is no longer true.

I was doing a degree in multimedia studies when I fell pregnant with Alec, I swear within 2 months all I could do was sit and stare nothing made any sense any more, it was like someone snuck in and stole my nerd decoder ring while I was sleeping, which I actually did a lot of when I was pregnant.

I still know HTML back to front, only because I kept on with web design and worked in that field, customising blogger templates is about as far as I get these day.... so why is this an issue today, well I signed on to feed burner, you know one of those feed thingies for your blog, now see in the olden days I would know everything about feeds but i just don't get it, I feel a little defeated, I should know but I don't. True with babies interests change and time is at a premium, I just don't have the time for reading and research I used to.

That's ok though, because lets face it when I started in this field I was just 30, now I am just 40 and the kids doing this stuff today are well kids, I've moved on, the brain cells assigned to the nerdy bits of my brain have been reassigned to child rearing.

So there you go, my thoughts for the day... have a good one!
Blogger "Grendel" said...
You're a paper nerd now.