Monday, October 15, 2007
Blog action day - the environment
Michael has almost changed the entire house over to fluro low energy bulbs.

We are turning (within the next 6 months) the front yard into a vegie patch, I cringe a bit but I know it is a great thing to do, both for our budget and our kids.

I turn off as many light as I can (all day again and again)

The windows are open, I love my air conditioner but it isn't quiet time yet

The sprinklers have been off since May, we will hand water when it is needed until mid November if we can.

We recycle our plastic bags

We have reusable shopping bags but I still forget them too often

thanks Lissy for making me think of this today.
Blogger Lissy said...
Good thinking :) a little bit really does count I think....people cannot go around with an attitude that their little bit won't count as all htose littel bits add up!