Friday, October 12, 2007
I don't know if you have seen my set up here but I like to be able to see what I have so everything hangs... well sometimes this doesn't work either, and while I was doing a reorganise today I saw the box my ipod speakers came in, you know what it was exactly the right size for all the alphabets.

All it needed was a few staples and some 7Gypsies gaffer tape and something that was in the throw out pile has been recycled.

So apart from the three posts I have streamlined the studio as much as possible, ever since I saw all the neat furniture in Ali Edwards studio I have been trying to control myself and not go storage shopping.. shame on you Ali for tempting me in this manner... nice to have someone else to blame for ones obsession.
Blogger Sharon Manning said...
That was on my agenda for the school holidays too Alli and alas I have not got will you come do mine for me too? I'm only up the road a bit! Maybe the fairies will do it for me when I'm in Hyden....ROFL Yeah Right!

Blogger Lissy said...
Jolly good idea...I managed a bit of sorting and then got tempted

Blogger Beck said...
Oh you are so organised :o) I really need to clean up my scrap-room now.