Monday, November 12, 2007
Lots of photos..
so brace yourself.

Sunday we went along to the Brighton Community day celebration. Alec and his pre primary class mates were performing, they were so cute. Before then Riley had a few rides and poor Alec got lost, one minute he was there then he was gone, by the time I caught sight of him again I could see the panic on his face, he turned to a man to tell him he was lost, he couldn't hear me calling his name, he clung to me for the next 5 minutes, I felt so awful.

It was so so hot, 37oC, too hot to be wandering around outside in the middle of the day but there we were. Riley looks terrified but he bounded off and said he loved, he wasn't scared at all (ok I'm not believing that one 100%) Alec had a go on the gladiator type blow up game where you hit each other with padded poles, he loved it, no photo though :(

Blogger Lissy said...
Sounds like it all went well then despite a temporary misplacement of one child! Was hot wasn't it :)

Blogger "Grendel" said...
Where's one of Riley on the cars? He looked so determined!

Blogger Sharon Manning said...
Stinker of a day wasn't it. Thanks for the plug re the fair, it went off well although it could have been just a little cooler!!!
It's scary when you lose a child, more so for the parent I think than the child. So glad everything was ok.
Love the studio too - it's loooking good!

Blogger Sharon Manning said...
Oopsy - too many o's in looking! I must learn how to spell, or type slower LOL.