Sunday, November 04, 2007
The Studio!
8:16pm Sunday evening and the weekend is over far too quickly.

It was a busy but rewarding weekend. I sanded down the workbench and as of 20 minutes ago I have the first coat of stain/varnish applied and I love it, I selected a maple stain as it was the closest I could get to the Ikea expedit unit I have.

This afternoon I coerced Michael into helping me rearrange the studio to make way for the workbench, we put the expedit on its side and I had Michael put up the Ikea wire hanging thingy-ma-bob, he did try to flee when I said ...can you grab the drill honey... but he surrendered and came quietly in the end.
While Michael and I worked in the garage the kids had a ball playing out the front, they were transformers, I love watching them get so into their games.

So tomorrow I do the final coat on the workbench and by the time Michael gets home we should be able to put the wheels on it and put it together. Even though I haven't seen it put together it has a very country kitchen feel to it, now it will be my creative centre, I'm so looking forward to getting it in here and I a few canvas's planned already, it will be so much better than dragging everything out to the kitchen.

Here is proof of my washing pile.. this is all waiting to be folded... still
This is Gizmo.. he follows me everywhere, all I had to do was turn around to take this photo, he stalks me.. but is very cute
so that is me, we also had 2 kids parties, Michael and I did one each, a much more civilised way, 2 would have been just too much for me, grocery shopping and everyday life... as you saw that washing still hasn't been folded... there is always tomorrow.