Saturday, November 10, 2007
squares and rectangles
oh I love to measure! I was enjoying the free style look, ok so it isn't that free style but it was for me!! So back to my favourite.

This one of the studio was done by making a box in photoshop that measured 20cm x 24cm on my A4 sized landscape canvas. I then selected the photos and cropped them to size to fit in my box. I then printed them out like this and cut them up. I did the journaling on the computer and left room for a few bits of paper a la Ali Edwards. This one was just for fun, I loved seeing Riley's smiles. I took these with my phone camera. Thankfully he posed a lot because they don't do movement well but do great stills and have a good depth of field.
Tomorrow (Sunday) Michael is off to collect the fridge he won on ebay, the things you find on ebay hey.. then Alec is performing with the school at the Brighton Fair Day Celebration and ofcourse it is going to be 36oC isn't it, and they are on at 1pm.

We may be able to find someone to put the air conditioner in for 1/2 the price I was quoted last week, we shall have to have them come out, otherwise the air conditioner is going back!

And if you are in the Subiaco area tomorrow Sharon has a stall at the Subiaco Craft Fair from 9-5pm it is held at Mueller Park behind Subiaco oval
Blogger Karen said...
Alli, I'm so glad someone else in annal like me and likes to measure and scrap in a square or rectangular box! Like you, I also love Ali Edwards style and mimmick it from time to time. I love these layouts very much. Simple but stunning.

Blogger Kelly said...
I love your style Alli. These layouts are gorgeous!!

Blogger Lissy said...
Fab pages Alli...hope singing went OK :)