Wednesday, November 07, 2007
Where did the day go?
after a bad night being awake between 2 and 4 tending to Alec or the %^*&$# cat I had a bad start to the day, Alec slept until 8am so we only just got to school as the bell went. Then home for an hour, I did some sorting and a bit of work on my canvas and then off to the doctor, by the time Riley and I had had lunch and wasted a bit of time it was time to collect Alec.

We stopped off at the pet shop and the ink shop, yay I can print photos again. Which is good because I got some cute ones of Riley yesterday at lunch and Kings park on my cell phone that I want to scrap.

Last night was great, I worked on my new bench (I know how sick are you of hearing me go on about it, I'm sorry I just love it to bits! it has made this room into a studio!! my studio) and then closed the door, everything still on the table gently drying... not draped over things on my kitchen bench.

So the air conditioner goes in tomorrow, scrapping in air condtitioned comfort, that will be pretty special I think!
Blogger Lissy said...
Glad the bench is useful! Hope Alec is better...Riley looks like he had a fun day :)

Blogger Kelly said...
Alli - can I come and move into your studio? It sounds like pure heaven to me ;o)