Friday, November 09, 2007
Well this is something new, I seriously like single page layouts but here I am doing multiple photo pages. I have heard rather nasty spiteful comments made about people that just do single photo pages, they don't consider it 'real' scrapping... please, give me a break, scrapbooking is whatever you make it. I see what I do evolve and change into something else all the time. if I want to screw up little bits of alfoil (aluminum foil) and stick it on my pages why should anyone care? it isn't going to impact on anyone else in the slightest. There are always those that feel the need to be mean, I've never quiet understood it but like anything with more than 3 people involved two are going to side against the remaining one.

I did think of starting a single photo page blog, but decided I could do without the grief, funny thing is I have had about 4 layouts requested for the multiple photo blog which was pretty cool, I felt like whispering... you know they are close to the only multiple photo pages I have done this year.. 4 out of 60 is a low percentage. And 60 is low for me for the year, I have to add thankfully to the end of that, now all the layouts are in albums my 4 and almost 6 year old have 14 albums, I thought I better slow down, can you see them in 20 years time moving house and getting a truck just for all of mums bloody albums LOL

Anyway, I love scrapping, what someone else thinks about what I produce at the end of the day holds no weight, and nor should it for you, do what you like, the only person that counts is you and if you got the story down and recorded the event then that is 99.9% of the job done.
Blogger Sharon Manning said...
Here here!

Blogger "Grendel" said...
plus they're such nice photos of the boys.

Blogger Kell said...
I was going to say "here here" too, but someone beat me to it LOL.

Blogger Karen said...
it's sad that in every sub-culture there are some bitches, i've come across a few in the scrapbook scene myself. However, there are plenty of nice girls out there too who have lots of nice things to say, and you're right there are no wrongs or rights in scrapbooking - just each to her own. Thankfully the majority of us like both single photo layouts and multiple photo layouts just the same. It's most important to be content and proud of your own work without needing the approval of others. Cheers alli, keep doing what you do well.

Blogger Jenny said...
OMG I cant believe there are actually people out there that care about how many photos you put on a page. Some people have toooo much time on their hands! Sometimes there is just that ONE SPECIAL photo that you want to be the absolute focus of a page.... I have done this heaps of times!

Grow up ladies - we are not curing cancer or anything like that !!!

I'm off to scrap my ONE photo now!