Tuesday, November 06, 2007
Sorry Lis, you can't have it back now!!!
ok well I see you have all been terribly underwhelmed by my efforts lately, I know you are all out there but instead of just walking by the window you could occasionally knock on the window and say hi! A girl could get a complex you know.

Yesterday morning I put the final coat on the workbench and last night after tea Michael and I put it together! I added some wheels and that has bought it up to an excellent height. The added bonus is there is good space all around it so we aren't at all cramped, everyone can pile in here at times as we have the computers in here, I have Riley playing Daniel Cook on ABC kids and Alec playing Mech Warrior, which he picked up in 2 days.this is the view from outside the door of the studio.
I replaced (ok Michael replaced) the wooden handle with this brass one, and I love the slatted storage underneath.
the bench is for stamping and painting, so I rearranged everything to be close by where I need it. This is perfect because the table I had does big groans when I do stamping on it.
Lissy gave me the big A and also the basket under the table, I love baskets and Lis was getting rid of them... thank you for feeding my obsession Lis.
Anonymous noell said...
What a cute room! I would love to have a space like that!

Blogger Lissy said...
WOW that all looks great.....if I had the room I would have kept it all..lol...oh well! it has gone to a good home!

Blogger Kelly said...
Hi Alli -
I LOVE your studio!! Inspires me to create, just looking at it!!
Your new table looks fab!!

Blogger domestic goddess said...
How good does that look Alli - just superb!! You would feel creative just walking in there and to have space for the family to be around too is just wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing with us!!

Anonymous Tara said...
Knock, knock :)

Hello :D

Looks fantastic!!!

Blogger Karen said...
Alli, I envy you, what a cool friend Lis is giving you such a groovy bench! I was just thinking today "I wonder what it would be like to work at a bench rather than sitting at a table?" I guess you now know.
Cheers! Happy scrapping.

Blogger Ev said...
Love the room, it looks fantastic and the paint looks a similar colour to what I have on two walls of my room (apple green colour). I think I may need you to come and arrange my room as it looks no where as organised.