Friday, November 02, 2007
Flowers and photography
For someone that has had camera's of one type or another for over 20 years I have been very slow embracing the manual settings of my camera this time around. I mean really 20 years ago my first canon camera was totally manual, I used filters and shot on black and white film, tragically I dropped the body and cracked the lens, from there I pretty much moved to point and shoot camera's. Fast forward to the digital age and our first digital was a canon IXUS, then we moved to a Canon Rebel XT, finally after having it for 2 years we are starting to play with settings and shooting in raw format and shooting in AV (aperture and shutter control) I'm liking raw format, yes they are huge, 12MB compared to the 3-4MB of a picture shot on the standard setting with large photos but so worth it when you come to editing. I was editing in digital photo professional that came with the canon software but I found it leached some of the colour from the jpeg compared to photoshop that had matched colour for the original and the processed image.

So look what I got last night!! I love iris's Michael took a walk to the flower markets in Leederville and then of course I had to photograph them.

The above shots were taken at night , the settings were for tungsten light at 1600 iso, the bottom one was taken this morning at 400 iso with a remote lite II sunpak flash and auto white balance.

The closeups from last night were great but the full shots when tweaked in photoshop had far too much grain due to the 1600 iso
So apart from that Lis is coming by today, I have grocery shopping to do.. groan moan, and washing to fold.. but when don't I have washing to fold!!

Have a good one.
Blogger Lissy said...
Nice flowers :) but my head can't cope with the "other language" so I have no idea what you are talking

Blogger Sharon Manning said...
Gorgeous Flowers Alli, great photos too, I must use mine on manual more often - it's just too easy to use it on auto! LOL
The new Buzz and Bloom stuff looks awesome, the Aussie album is such a good idea.

Anonymous Rach Wyndham said...
The colour in those shots is amazing Alli!