Friday, November 16, 2007
So as I was composing this post in my head, Alec came in and I showed him my finished headless dolly.. I said look, mummy has something pink, just like girls.

no mummy you have pink already, you have pink pajamas and there is pink on your working scrapcooking shirt (Scrapbooking memories t-shirt) he was right, but they are the only pink things I own.

A few months ago I saw one of these done with the hair bands as a skirt (can't remember where I saw it now) and as we were leaving the chemist yesterday they had a big stand of hair stuff and there they were, so my dolly is finally dressed, and now she is off to my friend Amanda as a birthday present. I love the making process more than I loved the pink in the end :)
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hi Alli, how are you going ??

Just thought I would say hello, been awhile, finally finished C&Q, was a lot of fun, but glad to get back to normal.

Catch up soon.

Carole xx

Anonymous Anonymous said...
BTW love your dolly with the dress LOL !! so cute.

Carole xx

Blogger Lissy said...
Great doll! :)