Wednesday, October 31, 2007
other stuff to do with scrapbooking
So in the middle of making my Christmas cards I decide to sort out the last 5 years worth of birthday cards and Christmas cards, I have until now thrown them into these altered cigar boxes, but.... I am finding the cards are getting bigger!! and no longer fit. Lucky for me I have found yet more boxes to alter, bigger and better boxes! see the one on the bottom of the stack, what a beauty, even better is the one under the clipboard. I was going to decorate that one but I think I like the textured cardboard as it is.

I've never thought much about it before but I suppose saving the cards is a part of the whole scrapbooking ethos, to record and remember, I bundled all the sorted cards up and labeled them with tags, it was so cool to see where the kids had started making cards. I'm thinking of having Alec help make cards for his class mates this year. and this is the clutter and chaos that happens when I change direction mid project. I'm unsure whether I will cover the last 2 boxes for cards or finish the Christmas cards I have 1/2 done before moving on, this is one of the defining moments that influence how the rest of my day will be.

And this is Mac.. Michael made him and Gizmo a scratching pole because they were shredding the arms of the lounge I am trying to sell (anyone want a lounge, I'm tired of having two in my lounge room!) he likes to keep me company, in fact they both do, I think they are stalking me, right after this Gizmo pounced, mac hissed and they were off.

So that is what was on my mind this morning, I now have to go and fold washing, something I have put off since, ummmm last whatever you do today, enjoy it!!
Blogger Lissy said...
Looks very you want to come and sort my stuff out too :)

Blogger Alli said...
thinking..thinking...thinking some more...


oh ok, I will come and do it (rolls eyes), you can sit and direct :)

Blogger Sharon Manning said...
I shudder to think how many cards I have in boxes stashed away! I do like keeping them though. I like looking back through them every now and then, they make me smile.
I even have a box full of cards my Mum was given when I was born!!!!
I don't have them organised though :-(